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Home Devotional Guide


Home Devotional Guides

October 18th

October 11th

October 4th

September 27th


What is the Home Devotional Guide?

God deserves our worship both at church corporately and at home individually and as a family. This five-day devotional guide will be released every Monday morning and will be centered around the previous Sunday's sermon.

The Home Devotional Guide consists of four parts: Read, Ask, Sing, and Pray


  • Every day will include Scripture verses for you to read through, meditate on, and even memorize if you choose to.
  • Either open your Bibles or click on the verse and be taken to an online Bible.


  • Use these questions in your private meditation, to aid in journaling, or as discussion questions with your family or community group.


  • Singing rich songs about God is a great way to remind us of who God is, teach our kids about God, and God loves to hear us sing!
  • We've included links to lyrics for each song to help your singing.
  • Can't carry a tune or have no musical ability? We've also included links to lyric videos (when available) for you to sing along to or find the songs on the Oak Park Spotify playlist.


  • Let this guide your personal and family prayer time.