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Summer Worship Series

Summer Worship Series 2 Title - Proclaim

It has been said of worship that “traditionalism is the dead faith of the living, whereas tradition is the living faith of the dead.” We live in a time where tradition is often looked upon with contempt, even among the church. However, as the church of the Lord Jesus Christ we must always wrestle with how to uphold the sacred tradition passed down to us from our ancestors in the faith without falling into a mechanical form of worship which does not engage our hearts.

Therefore, this Summer we’re going to spend nine weeks exploring the topic of worship. In doing so, we’ll delve into the principles of worship rooted in the Scriptures and even look into how these principles have been expressed by the saints in previous generations. At the same time, we’ll seek to apply these principles of worship for our present day so that we may worship our Lord with reverence and awe, and pass on the living faith of the dead to the next generation of believers.

Preaching Schedule:

June 2 - Chase Sears - Worshiping Christ According to the Gospel

June 9 - Chase Sears - Hearing Christ in the Preaching of the Word

June 16 - Chase Sears - Seeing Christ Through the Practice of the Ordinances

June 23 - Brian Joines - Communing With Christ in Prayer

June 30 - Chris West - Praising Christ Among the Congregation

July 7 - Nathan Hunter - Loving Christ With All Your Heart

July 14 - Brian Joines - Extolling Christ in Your Home

July 21 - Chris West - The Posture of Worship

July 28 - Chase Sears - Proclaiming Christ to an Unbelieving World