Announcements: February 22, 2018

Sunday’s Sermon 
God's Free Will
      Romans 9:14-18
      Chase Sears
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Sunday's Songs
He Is Our God
All Glory Be Forever
Not In Me
Jesus Thank You
There Is A Fountain

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New Web Article:
This week Pastor Chase wrote an article exploring the relationship between the church and Israel. This is a topic that many have asked about in light of the sermons from Romans 9. If the church is spiritual Israel, then what is the future for ethnic Israel? This question will be answered as we continue through Romans 9-11, but in the meantime you can read Chase’s response on the church blog (

New Discipleship Classes
Our third quarter Discipleship Classes will start on Sunday, March 4. The classes that will be offered are:

Bible - Old Testament part 2 - (Teachers: Mike Bauslaugh & Norman Leach)

  • Gain an understanding of the storyline of the Old Testament, examining the overarching message that is conveyed in the Scriptures. This class will focus on Job through Malachi.

Theology - Doctrine of God - (Teachers: Nathan Hunter & Logan Preston)

  • A study of the Doctrine of God. Join us as we answer questions such as: How do we know God exists? Can we really know God? How is God different from us? How is God like us?

Christian Disciplines - Biblical Stewardship - (Teachers: David Lewis, Jr. & Michael Britton)

  • Through a study of Scripture and Randy Alcorn's book, Managing God's Money, we will seek to develop a biblical understanding of money and possessions along with practical means for stewarding your money for God's glory.

Relationships - The Fear of Man - (Teachers: Kirby O'Brien & Jody Thomas)

  • “Need people less. Love people more." Explore the biblical principles of how to (and how to help others) overcome peer pressure, codependency, and the fear of man. Join us for a study of Edward Welch's book, When People are Big and God is Small.

Leadership - Church Leadership - (Teachers: Shane Parker & Gary Yochum)

  • Equipping Oak Park Leaders with a biblical philosophy of leadership, an understanding of Oak Park's Philosophy of Ministry, and tools to pour into those they lead.

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Facility Informational Meeting
If you are interested in, or are already involved in the Facility Ministry, there will be an informational meeting this Sunday, February 25 immediately after the Worship Service in the fellowship hall, room #122. Areas of interest are fellowships, grounds and maintenance, and janitorial. Anyone who would like to serve in any of these areas or find out more information please attend. Please contact Nick Weaver at or call the church office at 812.283.9400 if you have any questions.

Choices Life Resource Center
Please return you Baby Bottle, full of change, by Sunday, March 4 for the Choices Life Resource Center. They also accept checks (payable to Choices).
Join us each Sunday morning at 8:15 am in the young adult Sunday school room #209, located on the second floor. We will be praying for our  worship service, our church, the community around us, and the nations. 

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