How to Listen to a Sermon


Have you ever considered the question, "How do I listen to a sermon?" or more specifically, "How do I come ready to hear a word from God as the Bible is preached?" Many of us haven't considered that question, because after all how hard is it to sit and listen. But in reality, it is difficult to listen. Most of us have not trained our minds to listen to a 45 min monologue. We're used to fast-paced TV shows, quick clips on Youtube, and instant information through social media. Nevertheless, God has ordained that his power is worked in his people through the medium of preaching (1 Cor 1:18-21).

So back to my original question, "How do you listen to a sermon?" I commend this brief article by Daryl Crouch entitled "How to Listen to a Sermon." He gives several practical ways to prepare yourself for the sermon, how to engage in the sermon, and what to do after the sermon. It's my prayer for us that we'll develop the discipline of listening to God's word so that we comprehend it and more importantly are transformed by it.