Parent/Child Commitment Sunday

Parent Child Commitment

Oak Park Parent/Child Commitment

This Sunday, as part of Sanctity of Life Sunday, we will have our Parent/Child commitment. Oak Park intentionally calls this a “commitment” and not “dedication”. There is no ritual that we can do for your children one Sunday when they are young to bring them to faith in Christ later in life. What we do have control over are the actions that we take as a church and within our homes to point our children to Christ. Below are the expectations that the leadership of Oak Park has for every family within our church. If each family is committed to these things the faith of your children, the future of our church, and the salvation of our community will be radically impacted.


  • I acknowledge that my children are a blessing from God and am dependent upon Him to draw their hearts to himself.
  • I am committed to growing in my personal faith in Christ, knowing that a life that bears the fruit of the Spirit and is guided by the wisdom of Scriptures will allow me to be the best parent possible and the best witness of Christ to my children.
  • I accept the responsibility of being the pastor of my family. I am committed to routinely within my home teach my children the Bible, lead them in prayer, and instruct them in Christ-like behaviors.
  • I am committed to my spouse and bettering our relationship, knowing that a stable home where healthy relationships are modeled is needed for my children.
  • I am committed to participate with my family in the life of a local church where we will receive Biblical guidance from pastors and mature believers.

If you have had a child born in 2016 or are a family with young children who joined the church in 2016 and would like to participate in this Parent/Child Commitment, contact Terry Broady today at or at the church office at 812.283.9400.

Joshua Page
Deacon of Children and Youth