Support Choices Life Resource Center by Members Serving, Donating Items, and Giving Financially

Choices Sign

This past Sunday you heard from Choices Life Resource Center, a local ministry that brings support to families that are trying to bring children into difficult circumstances such as unplanned pregnancy or financial difficulty. Oak Park seeks to partner with them in three ways:

Members Serving- We took a group of 13 to Choices on Wednesday for a tour and informational lunch. We hope to see several men and women who will commit to regularly serving at Choices. There are one-on-one counseling opportunities with expecting moms and dads, but also needs for administrative task and sorting clothes for their boutique. If you missed the lunch, the next one will be February 16th. Contact Choices or the church office at 812-283-9400 to sign up.

Donating Items- Choices has an awesome clothing boutique that helps provide physical resources to families as a reward for them completing training classes. If you are a family with little ones and trying to clean out the closets, please remember to donate your gently used maternity and baby clothing as well as books and toys. They also currently have specific needs for new NB diapers and pacifiers. Donations can be placed in the bright green bin located by the stairs in the main hallway.

Giving Financially- Grab a baby bottle at the welcome desk, fill it up with loose change or bills, and return it to the welcome desk by February 26th.

This is a great opportunity for us to love our community and tell those who are struggling about the hope of Jesus Christ. Get more details at