The Sermon on the Mount: Jesus’ Summons to be His Kingdom People

The sermon on the mount

The Sermon on the Mount: Jesus’ Summons to be His Kingdom People

This past Sunday we finished a five-month journey through the Sermon on the Mount. This whole section of Matthew’s Gospel (chap. 5–7) provides a summary of Jesus’ teaching and preaching of the gospel of the kingdom (4:23). In these beautifully rich chapters, Jesus essentially presents a call to discipleship. He paints a picture of what it looks like to truly follow him and forsake this world for the world to come.

Simply put, Jesus puts forth a way of living in the world which is other-worldly. He introduces to us the values of his kingdom, which bring about true and lasting happiness (5:2–12). He explains that true righteousness in God’s eyes is expressed through genuine love toward others (5:17–48), and this love is the overflow of one’s love for the Father (6:1-7:12). The sermon concludes by giving a definitive call to build one’s life upon Jesus’ teaching in obedience to him (7:13-29).

By reviewing the sermon titles in this series, one gets a good overview of the key themes emphasized by our Lord.

1. The Beatitudes: The Virtues which Result in True Happiness – Matt 5:1-12
2. The Kingdom People: Being Salt and Light in the World – Matthew 5:13-16
3. Greater Righteousness: Living Under the Law of Christ – Matthew 5:17-48
4. Genuine Piety: Developing a Love for the Father’s Praise – Matthew 6:1-18
5. Prioritizing the Kingdom: Finding our Ultimate Satisfaction in Christ – Matthew 6:19-34
6. Seeing Clearly: Treating others as the Father has Treated Us – Matthew 7:1-12
7. Two Ways to Live: Submitting to the Lordship of Christ – Matthew 7:13–29

Through these emphases, Jesus seeks to entice us to willingly submit to his loving rule and give our hearts fully to him, because we’ve truly seen that he is better than anything this world has to offer. It’s my prayer that the Spirit of the Lord will continue to press Jesus’ teaching into our hearts so that we may find him as our greatest treasure, and consequently, the world would see the goodness of the kingdom in us and glorify our Father who is in heaven.