At Oak Park, we are a church family made up of those who have been redeemed by the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Our home base is 1111 Allison Lane in the community of Jeffersonville, Indiana. Our mission is to Love Jesus, Love People, and Help People Love Jesus. We seek to accomplish this mission through our four core values: Worship, Community, Discipleship, and Mission. 


Our corporate worship time is the most important gathering of the church. It is our main and most important time of teaching where we hear, sing, read, and see the word.


Community is essential to living out our faith, both in loving each other and reaching the lost. Our community groups are more than simply bible studies, but instead seek to be strong webs of relationships that facilitate one on one discipleship, service, and evangelism.


The discipleship ministries of Oak Park seek to equip our members with a strong knowledge of the bible and the understanding needed to apply it to our lives. 


At OPBC we seek to build God's church by sharing the Gospel in personal evangelism and cross-cultural mission. It is our desire to reach our local area, our country, and the world with the Gospel in word and deed. We partner with missions organizations, local ministries, and the Southern Baptist Convention to accomplish this task.