Equipping the Church through God’s Word for Christ-like maturity and Spirit-Empowered ministry

Ephesians 4:12

At Oak Park Baptist Church, we strive to take the Great Commission seriously. We not only want to tell the world about Jesus, but we also strive to teach those who respond in faith, everything that He has commanded. Therefore, a core component of the ministry at Oak Park is discipleship. By that we simply mean, teaching, equipping, and training followers of Jesus to grow in Spiritual wisdom and our knowledge of Christ (Eph 1:17). Our goal then is to proclaim Christ, warning and teaching everyone with all wisdom, that we may present everyone mature in Christ” (Col 1:28).

In order to accomplish this goal, we provide various avenues for discipleship for all ages. This primarily occurs during our Sunday morning discipleship hour.

  • For our children we strive to teach them the main storyline of Scripture, laying a foundation of Biblical literacy, rooted in a clear emphasis on the gospel and what Christ has done to reconcile us to God.
  • With our students, we aim to build upon this foundation by equipping them with sound doctrine so as to guard themselves against the challenges of this world.
  • Finally, we provide adult classes designed continual spiritual growth. These classes will run on a quarterly schedule in five tracks of study: Bible, Theology & History, Christian Disciplines, Relationships, and Leadership.