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Discipleship Classes

Discipleship Classes

Oak Park offers a variety of classes designed to grow you in your understanding of God’s Word that you may be equipped to serve Him (Ephesians 4:12-15) and stirred to love Him and His church (Philippians 1:9-11). New classes begin every quarter and range from studying Scripture, doctrine, spiritual disciplines, relationships, and leadership.  Classes are held on Sunday mornings at 9:15 am.


Current Classes

March 1 - May 24



The book of Hebrews stands apart from other biblical books in its unique portrait of Jesus Christ as the supreme revelation of God – a portrait bolstered by the author's skillful use of imagery, metaphor, and Old Testament analogy. Hebrews not only presents the supremacy of Jesus Christ but it also repeatedly demands a heart response from the reader. No one can study Hebrews and not grow spiritually as he or she comes face to face with God's one and only Son.

Taught by Kirby O'Brien, II and Collin Deinum

The Ten Commandments 

Do the Ten Commandments still apply? Which ones? What do they mean in light of God's mercy revealed in Jesus?

Using Kevin DeYoung's book, The Ten Commandments, we will study the timelessness and goodness of God's commands. We will seek the critical truth about the 10 Commandments as to what they are, why we should know them, and how to apply them. This class will help you understand, obey, and delight in God's law – commandments that expose our sinfulness and reveal the glories of God's grace to us in Christ.

Taught by Mike Bauslaugh and Cory Bledsoe 

Christian Disciplines 

Three seemingly unremarkable principles shape and strengthen the Christian life: listening to God's voice, speaking to him in prayer, and joining together with his people as the church. Though often viewed as normal and routine, the everyday "habits of grace" we cultivate give us access to these God-designed channels through which his love and power flow—including the greatest joy of all: knowing and enjoying Jesus.

Taught by Jody Thomas and Michael Britton

Theology of Work: Every Good Endeavor 

Biblical wisdom is immensely relevant to our questions about work today. In fact, the Christian view of work—that we work to serve others, not ourselves—can provide the foundation of a thriving professional and balanced personal life. Using Tim Keller's book, Every Good Endeavor, we will study how excellence, integrity, discipline, creativity, and passion in the workplace can help others and even be considered acts of worship—not just of self-interest.

The three main areas of study we will consider are God's plan for work, our problems with work, and the Gospel and work.

Taught by Nathan Hunter and Jesse Erickson

Principles and Practices of Teaching 

This class is designed to equip God’s people with the principles and practices of teaching in the local church, so that they may effectively help others grow in Christian doctrine and practice. This class will address the foundations for Christian education in the church, methods for personal study, developing course content and lesson plans, and improving communication skills for different ages groups and maturity levels. This class is also a requirement for anyone who aspires to serve in an official teaching capacity at Oak Park.

Taught by Chase Sears and Brian Joines

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