Discipleship Classes

Discipleship Classes

Oak Park offers a variety of classes designed to grow you in your understanding of God’s Word that you may be equipped to serve Him (Ephesians 4:12-15) and stirred to love Him and His church (Philippians 1:9-11). New classes begin every quarter and range from studying Scripture, doctrine, spiritual disciplines, relationships, and leadership.  Classes are held on Sunday mornings at 9:00 am.


Current Classes

June 6th - August 15th


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The Practice of Parenting

As Christian parents, we know and keenly feel the pressures of discipling our children as we raise them in the nurture and admonition of the Lord. Building on its companion class, The Principles of Parenting, this highly practical class will equip our parents with biblical perspectives and effective procedures for how to shepherd your child's heart.

Taught by Chris West 


The Old Testament Book of Proverbs is King Solomon putting his arm around his metaphorical son, Israel's, shoulder and teaching him the Law of God in bite-sized, memorable chunks. With its warnings and practical truisms and adages, Proverbs content is wisdom, its foundation is the gospel, and for those who eat its fruits, the result is a life-transforming fear of the Lord. This course will walk us through an extensive array of practical topics including work, financial stewardship, moral purity, and how to have successful relationships.

Taught by Andrew Hirschy & Todd Young 


We know and are taught that prayer is effective, powerful, and critical for intimacy with God. And while it is a daily expectation of Scripture and our own conscience, we seldom receive instruction or guidance on how to pray. In this class, we will glean biblical guidance and encouragement on how to make prayer a more personal, powerful, and practical part of your everyday walk with Jesus.

Taught by Jody Thomas & Michael Britton

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