Get ready for a race filled with fun clues to find, challenges to attempt, and a global scavenger hunt like you’ve never seen! At the same time, kids will learn about another race that started in the Garden of Eden. What race is that? The human race.

Your kid will sing songs, play games, and get their hands messy with crafts and experiments, all to help them learn about how we are One Race, One Family, with One Savior.

Join us July 15-18th from 6:30-8: 30 pm at Oak Park Baptist Church.


Day 1

Continent: South America (Ready, Set, Go: Before Babel         Lesson Focus: Sin Cycle; How the world was divided into continents. 

Day 2

Continent: Asia (Hitting a Road Block: At Babel)          Lesson Focus: Languages

Day 3

Continent: Africa (One Race, Many Nations: After Babel)         Lesson Focus: One blood, one race; I've got DNA - Why I look like I do.

Day 4

Continent: Europe (One Way - Jesus: Babel and the Gospel)          Lesson Focus: God provides just one way to be saved